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Home Health Care services are always ready for every client who wishes to enjoy non-medical home-based programs through caregivers and home health aides. With Kind-Care as your companion, caregiver, home care help, and supporter, every household task will be completed. We provide you with staff at home so you don’t have to be confined in a nursing facility or care home. Stay with your family and make the most fruitful and delightful experience possible even during your senior years or while recovering from an illness.

The Kind-Care services are centered only towards the client – we focus on YOUR needs. Patient assessment and home evaluation will initialize the home care. Along the way, hindrances and constraints upon service delivery are considered, but will never be the reasons that we cannot give the quality care you deserve.

Kind-Care ensures the care program’s efficiency as well as the caregiver’s competence. We regularly check on our caregivers to make certain if they are performing their tasks well and on time. At the same time, we hand review papers to clients and their families to help us determine how the program has helped them. We also seek professional help from your physician or health experts towards the maximum improvements of our services to effectively address your needs at home.

Let the best care in your house. Are you open for discussion? We are 24/7 ready for you. For more information, please contact us at 866-769-6746.


Kindcare has been providing private duty assistant services for my wife for 12 hours per day while my wife resides at a memory care and assistant living facility for over the last two years. In the first 7 months at the facility and prior to getting their service, my wife lost 22 pounds, got severe dehydration and had two UTIs. Also, I frequently found her pullups dirty when I arrived each day. The bottom line was 4 facility care managers cannot provide one on one service for 28 or so residents even though they tried their best. My wife has advanced Alzheimer’s and cannot speak, find a bathroom, dress herself, feed herself, or drink the water or liquids given to her to drink. Once I retained Kindcare services, my wife has regained her weight, has had no further UTIs, and has maintained proper hydration.. They ensure she gets to the bathroom regularly, is dressed properly, drinks plenty of fluids, is fed properly, get her up walking to maintain leg strength as opposed to just sitting, and they engage her for the entire day. They have been so caring that once I retained them, I was able to feel totally at ease such that I am never concerned for her well being when I am not at the facility which was not the case during the first 6 months. My wife completely relates to the caregivers and is comfortable and at peace which is all I can pray for at this point of the progression of the disease. I highly recommend their services. C Brown